Thoughts on Religion and the Bible

Before anyone gets silly with me please understand there are my thoughts and feelings. The truths that resonate with me. I am very spiritual and absolutely believe in a Creator, Source, God and Goddess, or whatever you choose to call them. I just don’t buy into main stream religions in any form. I don’t think any of them are even close to having the right idea let alone actually being right in what they are saying. To take it an entire step further I believe very strongly that religion is all about controlling the population through fear.

Why do I believe this I am sure you are asking? Let’s start with what is religion. It is nothing more than a set of accepted beliefs. But where exactly did these beliefs come from? Who made them up? I know next to nothing about Islam, Buddhism, or specific differences in the Christian religions. However the basic questions I asked myself pretty much apply and can be asked of all of them.

One thing I have realized about all of them is you have free will but if you don’t do exactly as they tell you then forget entirely about getting into heaven. Don’t most of them say if you don’t follow them exactly there is some form of hell or damnation? What better way to control a population than through that kind of FEAR? No access to God or heaven without doing what they say. How messed up is that? Especially when we are all God. We aren’t creations we are Source which is creation. We are individual experiencing aspects of Source. If we assume this to be true then would God really send Him or Herself to hell? That alone doesn’t make sense.

Let’s now consider just who tells us what the rules are. Humans that claim they have special access to God that no one else does. Talk about hypocrisy even amongst their own teachings. What makes them so much more special that the rest of us? Special robes and a funny looking hat? Sorry but I don’t think so. They are human just like you and me. Take everything away and put them in a crowded room and everything is exactly the same. Let’s also consider that a little deeper. These people are human and by definition imperfect. They are subject to the same emotions, whims, and desires as the rest of us. So put that human in a position with that kind of power and do you think there will be no temptation to abuse that power? After all they are also the ones claiming to have the only access to God. Who is to say they aren’t changing the interpretations to suit their own desires in the moment? If we listen to them no one can dispute them because only they have access. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Take this control to the global level. If only a handful of people claim to have access to God and the “true word of God” that no one can dispute, add a huge amount of fear of damnation, and you have an entire population of sheep. Free will is now removed and you have the ultimate dictator. Whatever that person doesn’t like can now be against God’s law and no one will question it.

Add in a huge church because “God’s law” requires you donation to them or again you go to hell and those very same controllers now get to live a very opulent life style while telling everyone else what to do. Again seeing a pattern here? It’s not one that I am buying into in the least.

What about the Holy books? Who actually wrote them? Did they just manifest themselves out of thin air one day? If God created everything many billions of years ago what language would He or She have used? However we all know the books of say the Bible were written by many different people in whatever language they used at the time. So already we have an imperfect human element writing texts that now are claimed to be God’s word. Most of them are too complicated for the average person to understand on a quick read through. Big problem with this is now it is open to interpretation. Why would God want his word and “law” to be so complicated that no one can understand it? Sounds more like our legal system. We need lawyers to interpret the law and priests to interpret the bible for us. Wow is that similar. Two different incredibly complex books requiring specially trained people to tell us what they mean.

How about the Council of Nicaea? They gathered up all the books considered to be “God’s word.” Then they sorted through and picked what they wanted to include or exclude. Humans overrode God’s word? That fact alone puts the entire book into question.

Does anyone have copies of the original texts and know how to read and speak them like a native at the time they were written? Of course not because the Vatican has them locked in some deep vault under extreme security. Shouldn’t God’s word truly be available to everyone? Why isn’t it?

So in conclusion we have an incomplete book because humans picked only the books that met their needs at the time. It was interpreted by humans with imperfect knowledge of the original language. Also the interpretations are based upon the thoughts and beliefs of the translator. Who can possibly challenge this? You now have the perfect tool to support the controlling agenda of the humans running the biggest tyranny in the world.

These are my thoughts after taking much time to consider what I know of the established religions. Understand I have a very deep belief in Source. I just choose to look within for my answers and not to outside people and information.


My Thoughts on Channeled Information

Much of the information we are able to find online nowadays comes from so called channeled sources. The big question is can this information actually be trusted or not and why or why not. To determine this we need to consider several things from who the channeled individual claims to be, the message itself, who is receiving the information, etc. Let’s take each thought one at a time.

Let’s first consider what channeling actually is. Some type of spirit or extra dimensional being literally takes over the body of the channeler pushing their spirit to the side. The channeler has absolutely no direct interaction with the channeled. Can you see the problem in this already? How does anyone know the spirit being is actually who they say they are? This is absolutely no way to verify this as you can only see and hear the actual person who has been “taken over.” Think of how many different roles a Hollywood actor can play. Why can’t spirits do the same? So it is my own feeling that we have already hit our first and one of the most important problems with the authenticity of channeled information.

The next problem I have with channeled information is the actual beings who claim to be coming through. Many claim to be arc angels, I have even seen many to be the God and Goddess or Source itself. What I don’t like about this is many put off a feeling of being superior to us. Even if it is just by calling themselves “ascended masters.” Master? Really? If we are all created as individual experiencing aspects of Source than no one is my master because we are Source. Higher dimensional therefore in no way means better, more evolved, or more advanced. It just means they vibrate at a higher frequency. Besides if we are Source do you think Source honestly needs to communicate with itself by taking over another aspect of itself? It just doesn’t make sense to me nor does it feel right me when I feel the energy of the information.

What about the information coming through? For one I don’t like being told what to do by a source of information claiming to be better than me. That just feels like control of a different form than we are already subjected to. Secondly if I don’t accept the claimed identity and feel there are actors at work then I also can’t accept the message to be genuine. Nefarious identity would also mean nefarious message.

As for the channelers themselves I believe most of them are good people trying to help the world however they can. They may feel the messages they receiver are genuine but how could they possibly know when their own consciousness is pushed to the side and suppressed while receiving the message. Not all people channel their messages mind you. Some receive their messages telepathically usually from other “alien” races. This is very different from channeling and should be treated much differently. They energy and feeling of the message tends to feel different as well. Please keep in mind how the message was received when practicing your discernment.

These are my personal feeling on channeled information. If they don’t feel right to you then follow your own truths from within.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Though it has taken me some time I have been able to determine mine. I am going to share my search and ways of discovering your own so that it won’t take you as much of an adventure to find yours. I guess you could say I am sharing what I have learned to shorten your learning curve significantly.

Part of what I have learned about myself is that I am an incarnated Arcturian here for the transition to 4D. I am helping many around me prepare for this upcoming change. I am starting this now by making my own knowledge available to anyone who wants it or is willing to listen. Even if no one actually considers what I have to say as truth when the time comes at least they won’t be taken completely by surprise because the idea was at least presented to them at one time or another.

So how can you find your life purpose? One way is to center and ground yourself, then bring the light to yourself and ask the Universe. You probably won’t get the answer in that moment but once the energy is out there the Universe will bring the answer to you in its own way and in its own time. You do however have to be open to the answer when it comes.

How are some other ways you can find this answer? Consider this. If you did not have to worry about working so hard just to meet your basic needs what would you really want to do? What were you really into as a child? Did you like drawing and art, maybe building stuff, or even dreamed of being a musician or an actor? Are you really good at some of these things but doing them right now would in no way allow you to meet your most basic needs?

All of these answers have come to me over time as I was ready for each answer. First I learned I am a light worker. Then I learned about the light warriors. One day I was driving along and was hit hard intuitively that my original spirit essence is Arcturian. Then I come across an article about Arcturian guardians. Now I am living up to my life purpose in helping spread disclosure information and what I know about the changes that are coming. So the Universe provided the answers for me in ways that I would understand and recognize.

I can’t tell you what or how the Universe will tell you because each one of us is so different and yet the same. Just be open to possibilities that you might not otherwise consider. When the answers come to you if you are truly open to Source then you will know and feel the truth in the answer. It will be much more than a simple belief.

Finding your life purpose can be an amazing journey. When you find it don’t fight it. Go with it. The reward to your well-being will be well worth it. The positive energy you will pump into the in the Universe when you are following your life’s calling will be amazing and rapidly becomes contagious to others.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey of finding and following your life’s purpose. I would love to hear from anyone about your experiences during your own search.

The Power of Intent

What makes the difference between light and darkness? Intent. Yes that one little word makes that much difference. It is the one thing that changes the meaning of ones actions.

Every action can be looked at from the point of intention both good and bad. They are a major defining point of our character. It is part of the what we are that screams to others over the long haul.

But in truth it is even more than that. If you consider that all of our thoughts are energy that goes out into the universe around us than intent can be a very powerful force for both good and bad. Especially when someone puts a strong intent behind whatever they are doing.

Intent is part of what drives the law of attraction. Yes you can put out there your desires and wants but without the true intent to get and achieve them you won’t get the results you strive for. It is literally the difference between yeah it would be nice to have that and I’m going to accomplish that no matter what it takes. Do you feel the difference in the energy I am describing?

What about another big one, Karma? Karma can be good and bad. However most people associate it with the major kick it the ass after something bad happens. The driving force behind the foot doing the kicking was your intent behind whatever bad thing you did. The more nefarious your intent the hard the kick will be. Think of it like the Universe’s way of keeping the balance.

In the case of something bad happening intent also plays a big role. As in was the someone just in the wrong place at the wrong time? On the flip side was the accident premeditated and intentional? Dumb assed mistake or out to do harm? Service to self or service to others?

Intent really is a major energy of the Universe. Make sure you wield it wisely.

Active Discernment of Information

In the current battle for truth and control of Terra there is an abundant amount of information to be found in many different places. The problem is though how can you tell what is real truth and what is disinformation.

First let’s consider what disinformation is. Obviously the controllers of the world who would have the population culled to a meager 500 million slaves worldwide don’t want us to know the truth of their agendas. The controllers are the wealthiest 1% or less of the population. We are talking about people above and beyond government. Those who only think of government as a tool to further their own evil plans. A few examples and by no means all would be the Bush Clinton crime family, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Queen of England, the Vatican, and many more. They are the people who own everything including you and me. At least our bodies anyway as we are literally considered commodities that are traded on the NYC stock exchange.

These same people are the owners of all main stream media and controllers of government. That is why you never hear the government line of bullshit challenged through main stream anything. God forbid a singular reporter try to report the real truth. When that happens the journalist or reporter is forced to drop the story, is often fired, blacklisted, and disgraced. Why? Because our controllers don’t want their secrets exposed and they own the media. So as far as I am concerned main stream media is nothing but a worthless distraction designed to keep us as a far from the truth as possible.

What does this leave us with? Only the internet and other alternative media sources. The only problem here is our controllers also know this. While they are limited in their ability to control what is put out there they have their ways of clouding the information. This is bad especially for the new comers to the alternative media.

How is one supposed to sort through the massive amount of information without spending hours upon hours researching and verifying everything? First off you need to understand it is almost impossible to see through all the lies. Though by applying a few simple rules, keeping yourself centered and grounded, and listening when your internal bullshit sniffer starts going off. Sometimes the smell will be very pungent and other times quite subtle but the stench is still there.

What simple rules can you apply? Does the information actively promote fear? The controllers are really big on keeping us afraid. The information might have a feeling of telling you what you should be doing or a this is how you need to do things. Rarely will think kind of things ever be in your best interest. We have enough control over us now. We don’t need it in another form. A good example of this would be channeled information from people calling themselves “ascended masters.” Anyone putting themselves above anyone else and telling you how you should live your life probably does not have your best interests in mind. How could they when they are clearly going against the Freedom of Will.

Another consideration is does the information sound reasonable and realistic or is it of the way too good to be true nature? I will admit even I fell for some of this information at first. I do believe that the life experience we are living could unquestionably be much better if the world controllers were removed and the systems based upon prosperity were put into place and suppressed technologies released. But information such as financial revaluations where people are to become overnight millionaires off the Iraqi Dinar or the Vietnamese Dong just don’t make any sense. If you consider information such as that to be nothing more than a distraction away from the truth it makes much more sense.

Hopefully you will find this information helpful and even develop some more of your own ways of discerning whether information is truthful or not. Most stuff has at least snippets of truth regardless of how much of distraction it is. This does make it more difficult at times but these are some of the methods that I personally use whenever I read anything. With practice I have learned how to quickly decide what I feel is truthful and what isn’t.

I wish you the best of luck in your own searches for what is true to you.

What Kind of Terran Are you?

Currently times on Terra are getting really intense as a few very interesting things are about to occur. Life is becoming quite the roller coaster ride for many of us in preparation for both the planetary liberation and the transition to the 4th dimension. As a result of where things are you can find three different types of Terrans on the surface of the planet at this time.

The majority of the people are native to Terra. From my research that majority would be around 60% of the surface population. (Please keep in mind I have no way of actually verifying these numbers. The come from sources that would have a good idea that I also trust and truthfully using active discernment feel right to me.) What does it mean to be a native Terran? It means that your original spirit essence was created right here on Terra. You have always been a part of this planet. That does not mean you to stay here with the planet for eternity. It only means you were created here. A current lifetime example would be say a Brit who was born, raised, and still living in Britain.

What is the next type of Terran? This would be the naturalized Terran. This human’s original essence is from a planet other than Terra but they have been caught in the planet’s reincarnation trap for so long they don’t remember who they are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It just is at this time. Once the transition occurs and the veil of forgetfulness is lifted many of the naturalized Terrans will remember who they are.

The last group of Terrans who are also by far the minority are the incarnates. Many incarnates remember exactly who they are even if they don’t remember their past lives. They know very special things are about to happen and we are here to help with these changes in any way we can. I am an example of an incarnate. My original essence is Acturian and I am also a guardian. (I will write more about his in another post.) I know I am here to help many wake up to what is coming and get through the transition to 4d.

There are other on the planet who are full alien but not many by comparison. I am also not sure that I would really be all that interested in meeting them because most of them are not very nice. This does not apply to all of them mind you but more of them than I am willing to gamble on meeting a good one right now. Though with the planetary liberation and transition Terra will become a galactic civilization and we will meet many different alien races.

No matter where you are from or whether or not you remember who you are we are all equal as far as Source is concerned. We all have out life’s purpose. Yes even those we would consider dark or evil. So the question I have for you is this, Can you remember who you are? As I said previously I am an Arcturian Guardian here to help awaken everyone to who they are and ultimate why each of us are here.

It is wonderful to meet all of you my fellow Terrans.

Bring the Light to Yourself

Do you need an even deeper connection to the Universe? Maybe you have a question that you need an answer to but have no idea how to find it. A good example of this type of question is what is your life purpose. You might just want more than a simple centering and grounding and have the time to bring the extra positive loving energy to yourself that is available to everyone. You just need to pull another tool from the toolbox. What is this tool? It is literally bringing the Light to you.

How does one do this I suspect you are asking? It is actually quite simple. Start with centering and grounding yourself as I spoke of in my previous post. Once you have done this visualize and feel a cascade of liquid light flow down and over you. Cup your hands with your palms facing upwards. Feel light pool in your hands before spilling over and down your legs. Just take a few minutes to bathe yourself in the positive white light. Let it wash away any negativity you might be experiencing.

Once you feel totally cleansed and connected to the Universe it is time to ask your question. The more intent and desire you put into your question the better chance you have of it being answered. Once you have asked your question let it go into the Universe and do your best to forget about it. Source will answer you in time.

Don’t expect to get the answer in any particular manner because if you do and it doesn’t come how you expect you very well could miss it. Most likely you will not get your answer right away though it is possible you will get it intuitively. However it is more likely that you will get your answer through some kind of synchronicity or a third party completely unexpectedly. So make sure you are open to all possibilities.